Monday, 17 June 2013

activate windows 8

Ok first of all once you activate windows 8 make sure to download
Thanks to josh cell Software. Be sure once you activate Windows 8
That you use this tool to back up your activation before you try
The wmc code. Please Note: That you must back up Windows 8 Pro
And Windows 8 Wmc Both separately. So once you get windows 8 activated, make
A backup of your activation with the software, then once you have backed up
Your windows 8 activation then you can proceed in trying to activate
Windows Media Center. Once you get Windows Media Center activated
You will need to make another backup of the Wmc Activation, so you
Will have two activation back up folders. Be sure you place these on
A usb or some were safe were you won’t lose them, so if you ever Need to re install for any reason you will not have to go through the
Activation method any longer, just simply run your back ups and you
Will be Activated and ready to rock :)

Windows 8 Pro Retail
Windows 8 Activate Via Phone [Permanent Activation]

**You Need to Disable Internet for a start.**
1. Hold the Mouse on the left corner right click when you see the start menu pop up then select Run Command Prompt (Admin)
2. Type this script and hit Enter
slmgr.vbs -ipk N9MRJ-6JRM9-M6XJC-6D6JD-QRPK2


3. Type this scrip and hit Enter you will get the Error [Ignore the error]
slmgr.vbs -ato
4. Go to This Location >>> To get to Windows Activation – Go to the folder at the bottom of your screen click it, now look for Computer and right click it and select properties scroll down and click on Activate.

5.Hit Activate by phone
6. Next will choose Country Selection hit that then you come to confirmation ID

***Attention this part:
7a. Download Skype FREE [If you do not have it yet]
Registrations easy and free to all you do need a valid email address
7b. Dial UK number free call using Skype [+448000188354] I strongly suggest use this number first
USA [+18664323012]
If you want to use your home phone that will work as well, and remember to NEVER SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON
7c. First question are you home user or business ***[answer home user -dial 1]*** Important
7d.Type installation ID without making mistake
7e. After second question how many computer you activated ***[Only One Dial 1]***Important
8. Type correctly the confirmation ID giving by robot in the confirmation ID boxes and enter the activation wizard will finalize..

9. Check Activation remaining grace period:
slmgr.vbs /dlv

10. Check Volume activation expire
slmgr /xpr
Tested working 5/23/13

Windows 8 Wmc
New Serial
For Wmc Tested 5/23/13
To add wmc
To get to Windows Media Center – Go to the folder at the bottom of your screen click it, now look for Computer and right click it and select properties scroll down and click on Add Features.

Ok Please Pay Close Attention as the key provided may or may not
Work, it is very important that you have followed the back up
Procedures for windows 8 before you proceed in using this key
As if it does not work you will need to re install windows 8
And use the activation back up, please do not reuse the windows 8
Key’s above to activate, as there is a lot of people needing to
Use these keys, that is why the activation back up has been provided
Thank you very much :)

Go to command prompt (hold windows key + R) and type slui 4. That will bring up phone activation screen similar to the one in step 1.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3.
slmgr.vbs -ipk HJM9K-6CDRR-DFNFF-3W2JR-8B2M3


Congratulations, now you have Windows 8 Pro with WMC

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